Field Notes: Millionaire Shortbread

One of my favorite things about LA is that you can start a comedy show in your own living room, and the audience can triple in size in just a few months. That's what my trap queen, Christiana Morgenroth (@iamfuturetense), has done with Personally Speaking, a monthly storytelling comedy show that takes place in her East Hollywood living room. 

Christiana has been putting on this show since May of this year, with a different theme each month. December's theme was "Rich Kids", inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram, so I volunteered to make millionaire's shortbread using a recipe I found on Serious Eats.

Aside from the name, millionaire's shortbread is the food equivalent of the rich kids' lives: indulgent without giving a single fuck. The shortbread at the bottom is mostly butter and sugar, the middle layer is straight up condensed milk, and the top layer is just chocolate. It's too much, yet you can't help but to eat it. The same way these kids' IG lives are too over-the-top, yet you can't help but look.  Or hate-look.

Here's what I learned after making the shortbread:

  • It seems like the shortbread part can be substituted for your favorite one (like Thomas Keller's!)
  • I'm going to sub the condensed milk for caramel next time. For, like, depth of flavor and shit.
  • For an added surprise, you can try one of these:
    • sprinkle coarse sea salt on the melted chocolate before one final round in the fridge or
    • mix a couple pinches of cayenne pepper before pouring on top of the condensed milk.

I'm pretty proud of how this came out given that I made it on four hours of sleep without burning down my kitchen. Nevertheless, this is going in the depths of my Chrome bookmarks until a rich kid asks me to make it for their dog's baby shower. 

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